What’s Cookin’

Here’s the deal. I love to cook. And every once in a while I come up with something so incredible, so beautiful that I must take a picture of it. I want to document it, share it, let this glorious thing that has worked up such a joy within me escape my kitchen and go greet someone else. So I take a picture. I’ve actually made my husband Matt take a few of these pictures over the last several months, they’ve sat there in his camera, and finally been deleted.

I’ve mused about this great joy though…the joy that comes when I’m cooking up something great, and that’s why I’m here.

There’s been some major stirring going on in my soul lately, as God has been tearing out fears to replace them with faith. It’s no simple thing to allow myself to be worked on in this way, but standing at the stove the other evening, I realized God’s joy when we let him cook up glory in our lives. Leading me down this path is Kelly Minter who quotes a friend in her bible study No Other Gods (totally recommend it, ladies):

…His offer of Reconciliation is the only viable option, and a willingness to risk believing that

Redemption is not only something that means we get to go to heaven, but something that He

is passionate to carry out now, in specific life situations, to make things show His brand of beauty–

in which a healed relationship or person can reflect more glory than one who never knew brokenness.

I want to have a place to record the GLORY he works out in my life. Not just all the super-spiritual stuff, but the every day glories too. I have trouble remembering on my own, I forget yesterday’s wonders so easily. And I know there are many times of trial, but He’ll either cook up some glory in the midst of it, or give me one to look back to…even if it’s just a good looking chocolate cake!

So here I am, ready to see what God is cooking up for me next. And to share it.


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