Jesus in My Day

Last night, breaking into the basic chit chat around our patio dinner with friends, said “So, tell me about Jesus in your day.” We all paused, none of us with something ready to burst out of our mouths. We thought about it for a minute and shared.

What I want is to be able to immediately share how Jesus has changed my heart, answered my prayers, and loved my unique personality and soul. I’m really just beginning to learn and recognize how He loves me as me.

So, this morning, after breakfast, Julia and I went for a walk down the hill to the park before it gets too hot out. There’s a ‘stream’ of sorts down there that she really loves…and will certainly romp around in when she gets older, as I can hardly keep her from diving in right now. It’s a bit of a wild park, just a little baseball back fence, a volleyball net, and 4 swings in the middle of an open field. We were ‘off-roading’ in our stroller through the grass when I spotted something on the ground. I subconsciously am always looking for money on the ground, but usually, all I see is trash. Sometimes a penny or two, a dime, if I’m lucky, a quarter. But today, I wasn’t sure. As we walked up, it looked like bills. Yup, two folded one dollar bills sat there waiting for me, damp with the morning dew.

How sweet! But you want to know what makes it more sweet? It was Jesus, entering my day, responding to my thoughts on my walk. As we had been walking down the hill and I’d been somewhat engaged in this subconscious ritual of looking for money, I was reminded of an incident from 5 years ago. I was getting ready to check in at the airport, was a little flustered, and pulled over 60 bucks out of my bag. I adjusted my luggage and checked in, but when I left the counter, I realized I had not picked the money up off the chair I was sitting in. Went back and it was gone. I cried. Beat myself up over my stupidity. And have been upset as I’ve been reminded of the incident over the past 5 years.

But today, Jesus entered in. I had been thinking about how much I needed that money (really? $60 only goes so far…), and how I felt jipped. In the midst of that, Jesus reminded me that he cares for me, he knows my thoughts, and he’ll even have $2 waiting for me in an empty park.