Thankfulness By The Numbers

1: beautiful daughter

20: fingers and toes (total, people)

1: awesome husband who provides for and wholly loves his girls

34: days until we move into our new house

25: hours of labor (which are happily a blur in my memory)

2: awesome grandmas who pitched in with love and encouragement post-baby

9: community group friends who have blessed us greatly with friendship, accountability, babysitting, and house work

3: number of times baby’s poop woke her up in the last 36 hours

1: ding from heaven (a hit-and-run that is helping finance home repairs!)

9: total number of rooms in our new house, a huge upgrade (note: this number includes 2 bathrooms! eek!)

3.5: the number of baby robins hatched in a nest outside our back door…patiently waiting to see this last one come out!

1: mom to whom i am incredibly grateful for her sacrificial love for me, my family, and my daughter

13: pounds of rolley-polley baby that i love

1: jesus who is sanctifying me in motherhood

133: number of days we’ve been blessed by julia jane cable

and a few pictures to boot: