These Haphazard Days

I truly have mama brain and this baby isn’t even here yet. I just accidentally x-ed out of my wordpress window on a post that was almost done. Grr. I was beautifully sharing some post-thirty-weeks pregnancy pics and the glory of our first Cable Thanksgiving hosted by Matt and I. So, here’s the skinny: we are 35 weeks + 2 days and I’ve taken to calling this baby Bigfoot because she keeps pushing her big foot out my side! Our first Thanksgiving went off without a hitch (is that how you say that?), complete with both sets of parents, Matt’s brother, and three friends from my department sitting around our table in our (what we’ve just determined to be) 650 sq.ft. apartment. Here are some post 30 weeks pics and Thanksgiving photos. I didn’t get a picture of Matt’s amazing Turkey carving job, though you can see the result on the table. And I made the most beautiful gluten free apple pie that also tasted amazing. It was fun!







2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sandy
    Nov 27, 2011 @ 15:55:08

    Look at you sweet skinny Momma! you look amazing!


  2. Sara
    Nov 27, 2011 @ 23:14:53

    Way to make T-giving look easy! And LOVING that bump!


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