So, most of you have probably heard this already via facebook and other means, but we are proud to announce that our baby is a GIRL!

We celebrated our third anniversary on Wednesday and Iproudly wore the fun announcement shirt my sweet husband made me (pictured below!). I started the day off with a morning at the hospital for my wonderful glucose test…I passed, hallelujah! Denying a woman food and water is a horrible thing, especially a pregnant woman like me who is unmatched in her water drinking abilities (I swear I’m part camel!). Then I got to run around and see people’s reactions to my shirt, which was quite fun! Everyone’s so excited she’s a girl! Though I’m sure they would have been excited had she been a he as well! We ended the night with what seems to be becoming our annual anniversary dinner at Kona uptown. A nice little dinner topped with ice cream at home!

Here’s to our baby girl!

baby cable


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  1. Sara
    Oct 07, 2011 @ 22:11:37

    So so super fun. I’m still just excited at the fact that you’re pregnant, knowing the sex is almost more than I can take! 🙂 You’re going to be such a wonderful Mama, Amber! Can’t wait…


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