An Ode to Bob’s Red Mill

Okay, okay, I admit it….I was working on a midterm on a Friday night. How nerdy does that make me? And, to make matters worse, it was a statistics midterm. Yuck. Truth be told, I had a horrendous migraine most of the day and didn’t get much work done at all, so out of guilt and the need to get things done these first few days of spring break (so I can enjoy a family visit the second half), I was working on a midterm.

That said, I also baked bread tonight. Baking when not feeling up to snuff? Well, it was a mix from good ole Bob’s Red Mill that my sweet friends Ellen and Jason sent in a surprise Christmas package. Not only does he have this wonderful bread, but he has a whole grain bread and tons of GF baking supplies. You can buy these online, but I usually pick them up at Meijer or Kroger. I don’t bake from a mix very often, but my sweet mother in law makes me this bread virtually every time I visit.

A couple tips:

  1. You can make this in a bread machine (mother in law’s way) and it turns out just great. I make it by hand using my Kitchenaid to mix it up.
  2. Don’t do eggs? That’s fine…the recipe calls for a lot of eggs/whites and I hate to waste them that way, so I’ve started substituting flax gel for at least some of the eggs in my recipes. Not only is flax seed extremely healthy and good for ‘regularity’ it has a yummy nutty flavor too. So, here, I used 2 eggs and 2 flax gels (mix one tbsp. flax seed meal with 3 tbsp. hot water and let it stand for 10 minutes mixing occasionally, then use in place of eggs). Ever since the Gluten Free Girl started using flax in place of eggs, I realized when I added it to recipe that already had eggs in it, I was probably drying out my baked goods. Hence the new method of substitution. You can also use egg replacer although I am not the biggest fan of it.
  3. I LOVE my ceramic muffin pans. Matt got me this gorgeous 6-muffin-pan from Hartstone Pottery (made in Zanesville, Ohio) for our second Christmas and it bakes beautiful GF breads. At the thrift store a couple months ago, I stumbled on this hilarious ceramic pan that was heart shaped with heart shaped muffin holes. And it was sponge painted on top. You know what? For $2, I love it, and I love giving my neighbor breads in the shape of hearts (she loves it too). Anyway, I now exclusively use ceramic tins and 2 metal mini loaf pans for baking my breads because they keep their shape much better when they’re smaller.
  4. Grease with Crisco. 🙂
  5. Let your bread rise in a very mildly war oven. My oven has a “warm” setting that I turn on before putting the bread in there to rise. It would never rise in my cold house otherwise. But I love this, and once risen, I take it out, bring the oven to temp, and put the bread back in!
  6. Feel free to toss extras into your breads. I didn’t have much on hand, otherwise I’d make cinnamon raisin swirl. So I just doused the top of my mini loaves with cinnamon-sugar before baking.

Now with much-a-do, I’m posting a picture of my bread, taken with my very own camera, uploaded to my computer by me! I am celebrating this because Matt is our family photographer and my poor camera has gotten little use. I’ve actually never uploaded photos from it to my “new” Mac that I got almost 3 years ago…so. Just uploaded my honeymoon pics tonight. Yup. That’s right. Married for 2.5 years and just pulling the pics off.

Anyway, here’s some beautiful Bob’s Red Mill bread that I’ll be enjoying the next several days:


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  1. Tracy and Katie
    Mar 05, 2011 @ 00:17:32

    Hello there! I am a fan of Bob’s Red Mill GF flours too. They are great. Your ceramic muffin pan is so cute by the way!



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