Two Things I LOVE. Maybe 3.

First: I am getting sick for the first time this year. Scratchy throat, stuffy nose. It hurts. My elixir? The trusty Neti Pot. Hallelujah!

Second: The feeling I get after flossing and brushing my teeth. It’s like I’ve just had an amazing spa experience and feel like a new person! (Even when I’m sick). Need to give a shout out to the inventors of modern dental floss, paste, and toothbrushes!

Finally, I’ve promised more recipes on my site. Working on it. One should come this week. But to kick us off, for you other Neti-Pot-lovers out there…did you know you can make your own Neti-Pot salt solution? Saves big bucks vs. those individual packets they try to sell you:

Neti Pot Salt Solution


1 small-medium jar or old medicine bottle

1 half tsp. measuring spoon

Free Flowing Salt (preferably the non-iodized kind. just salt people.)

Baking Soda

How to:

Mix the salt and baking soda in a three to one ratio into the jar. That’s three scoops salt to each scoop baking soda (I use a TBSP for this). Shake it! Store with your Neti Pot and the half-tsp. When ready to Neti, use 1/2 tsp. per pot of warm water. Make sure you shake the powder solution before measuring as it can separate.

Violla! An easy breathing dream come true for the price of just a few pennies!


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