Awakening a Heart of Prayer

The Lord has been awakening my heart these few days. Coming off an indulgent holiday of food, “relaxation,” coffee, sleep, and many other things in excess, I’ve been longing for a new heart. And He’s answering. I’m not one for too much regiment in my relationship with Jesus (which I lament), but he is beginning to awaken a desire for commitment to a couple of things in my heart.

I’m sure having a highly regimented husband helps this. Matt read a few weeks ago about a group of people who are committing to memorizing Philippians (a short but packed book of the Bible) by Easter. He asked me to memorize it with him. I’ve never done anything like this before. We are six verses in.

Perhaps I’m wanting to fight stagnancy (just made that word up). I don’t know what is pushing me, really. But I’ve been hearing about believers in Christ all over the world who are persecuted, arrested, blown to smitherines (not my words). And what am I doing to encourage them? To pray for them? When we ask in faith, He responds to our prayers. So, my heart is moved to pray. To pray for one country a month in 2011. That Jesus would be made known in these places.

First: Iran. No question, this was the first country on my heart. While studying in Germany in college, I had three friends from Iran. In an email a few years later, one of them told me he was glad about my religious fervor and that our faiths are the same. My heart sank…I didn’t know how to tell him “No, my Jesus is unlike any other!” And if I tried, I couldn’t be sure my email would even reach him.

So, in January, I am learning about and praying for Iran. Want to join me? The first thing I learned today: Iran is situated in between Iraq (on the west) and Afghanistan (on the east). I may have known this, but I sure was surprised today…knowing America has been fighting wars all around Iran for the past decade…I will pray for the people in the middle.


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  1. Kat Minahan
    Jan 27, 2011 @ 23:50:02

    Stagnancy=>stagnation. 🙂 xoK


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