The Right Place to Be

The Classic First Day of School Pic

Yup. That’s me and my wheels on the first day of school. I remember dreading my mom with the camera when I was a kid, especially when I got to high school and she was snapping shots of us at 6:30am. Not this year. Instead, there I was making sure Matt would document me as I rode off into the dawn of my graduate school career. The bike and I have become good buddies these first 2 weeks, riding up hill both ways (I’m serious) in perpetual 92 degree weather.

After 2 years of holding on to the dream, then 5 months of waiting for it to come, I’ve arrived at the much awaited graduate school experience. Some highlights…

10. It’s hard to fit everything you need for the day in your backpack (including your lunchbox).

9. Jenny, the librarian, and I are going to be good friends. It’s legit…she’s helping me research 19th century libraries.

8. The speed reading class I took in high school is not paying off.

7. 2.5 miles up hill each way by bike is my bargain version of spin class at the rec center.

6. Finding that work/life balance is an art at every stage in life.

5. Joined the office water club. It’s now my ritual to stop at the restroom both before and after class.

4. Getting old is much more complex than we think.

3. It’s best to get your first mental/emotional breakdown out of the way early. Check.

2. I love spending time in the fresh air, on a bench, under branches of ancient trees, reading…and calling it work.

1. This is exactly where I’m meant to be.

Another highlight: God has been sweet to us during this time of transition. Matt and I have made fast friends with the Hunters, Maggie and Jonathan. They moved to Oxford to take care of Jonathan’s grandma who lives down the street from us, and they’ll be our neighbors come spring. It’s fun to do life with them on a real level and just hang out often. And our duplex-neighbors are great to share life (and a wall) with! Graziella is French but we speak German together (my first practice after 4 years), and her sweet singing fills my soul as I sit on the back patio. Her child-like faith blows my adult faith out of the water. I think she’ll help me be young again.

So that’s me, 9 days in and I haven’t packed up and gone home. It’s hard to feel like there’s a lot to learn, but I suppose that’s the right place to be.


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  1. Sara
    Sep 05, 2010 @ 22:10:58

    Amber- great post! Thanks so much for the update. Don’t cha love that “I’m-where-I’m-meant-to-be-doing-what-I’m-meant-to-be-doing-feeling”? What a gift. Miss ya!


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