I’m a Student!

It’s true. I’M A STUDENT, and I’m proud of it baby. All those years going to middle school, high school, and college at IU, longing for the point when I just wouldn’t have to take notes, study, write papers anymore. But 4 years post-BA, I’m more pumped than ever to be a student again. Who knew?

No longer do I have to answer that seemingly defining question “So, what do you do?” as “Well, I’m currently in sales” or “I’m a legal assistant.” Nope. There could be no greater esteem, pride, or joy than that which comes out of me as I exclaim “I’m a STUDENT!” Yesterday, Matt and I celebrated my first day of non-corporate employment by lollygagging around town. We rode bikes to a downtown coffee shop then peddled on to the park and picked up my all time favorite shoes from the shoe repair man on the ride home. At one point, while enjoying macchiatos on the sidewalk tables outside the coffee shop, one of my old coworkers drove by on his lunch break. He did a double take, and I waved. Not quite fully settled in yet, I felt like I was playing hookey. But as we rode along, down some of our favorite streets, I rejoiced and yelled “I’m a student!” Surreal. A day of bliss I tell you.

The best part is that I feel my soul coming to life. That I’m exactly where God would have me be. That my last two or three years were his provision, with great lessons learned, friends made, and growth brought to fruition. But this is my new season, and I’m trusting him that it’s here I’ll thrive. Matt affirmed how beautiful it is to see ‘a soul thaw out’ so quickly…that’s exactly how I feel. I even topped the day off with two great BG traditions…helping a friend rescue a discarded, beautiful wardrobe off the side of the road and a little adventure at Goodwill.

Our goodbyes have been more like ‘see ya later-s and we’ll be a quick jog down I-75 and a little way out in the boonies. Miami here we come!

My new office: Upham Hall


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  1. Tim
    Aug 23, 2010 @ 17:52:45

    the new question: “gerontology? So, what are you gonna do with that?” Well, at least it’s easier to answer for that than for German. 🙂

    Welcome back, Amber!


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